Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exploratorium | San Francisco | Engagement | Bonnie + Brian

I was so stoked when Bonnie and Brian suggested the Exploratorium in San Francisco for their engagement session. I felt like a kid in a candy store with all the cool stuff they had there.

exploratorium bonnie+brian_01

We started our session in the Marina district. It was pretty cold, but they were troopers through and through.

exploratorium bonnie+brian_02

exploratorium bonnie+brian_03

exploratorium bonnie+brian_04

I think this is my favorite shot of the day.

exploratorium bonnie+brian_05

exploratorium bonnie+brian_08

One way to keep warm when it's cold, run and jump!

exploratorium bonnie+brian_06

exploratorium bonnie+brian_07

exploratorium bonnie+brian_09

exploratorium bonnie+brian_10

exploratorium bonnie+brian_11

exploratorium bonnie+brian_12

Like I said, the Exploratorium was such an awesome place to shoot. I wish they held weddings there.

exploratorium bonnie+brian_13

exploratorium bonnie+brian_14

exploratorium bonnie+brian_16

exploratorium bonnie+brian_15

exploratorium bonnie+brian_17

Brian is a musician, so I thought this shot was fitting for him:

exploratorium bonnie+brian_18

exploratorium bonnie+brian_19

exploratorium bonnie+brian_20

exploratorium bonnie+brian_21

I love the color in this shot. They were trying to blow a huge bubble. It's harder than it looks.

exploratorium bonnie+brian_22

exploratorium bonnie+brian_23

exploratorium bonnie+brian_24

exploratorium bonnie+brian_25

exploratorium bonnie+brian_26

exploratorium bonnie+brian_27

exploratorium bonnie+brian_28

exploratorium bonnie+brian_29

exploratorium bonnie+brian_30

exploratorium bonnie+brian_31

exploratorium bonnie+brian_32

exploratorium bonnie+brian_33

They even brought along some mistletoe for the shoot. It was the real deal, which looked nothing like I had imagined it would look like.

exploratorium bonnie+brian_34

Thanks for the great session guys, I look forward to your wedding in July.